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Allow the light to enter with the lightweight Transparent curtains in bright, neutral shades, creating a timeless modern ambiance. Transparent boasts a beautiful texture, providing a natural and textural look. These curtains gently diffuse sunlight while offering a subtle shield from direct sunlight, heat, and prying eyes. At the same time, they allow ample daylight to brighten your space and preserve the view from your window.

This collection is ideal for living spaces such as living rooms and kitchen-dining areas. Transparent curtains can also be used as simple, lightweight room dividers or drapes in front of glass partitions. If you're decorating a bedroom, consider pairing Transparent with a thicker outer curtain like Rustic, Moon, or Velvet to craft a sophisticated and enduring hotel-like ambiance.

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The sheer and transparent Haze curtains elegantly filter the daylight, casting the view and the room in the curtain's hue, creating a dreamy, poetic atmosphere. The Haze collection boasts a refreshing textile expression with an array of captivating colours that interact harmoniously with the sun's radiant beams, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow throughout the day. Choose your favourite colour from the collection or combine two shades for a playful, ever-shifting colour flow. 

Use Haze as mood-enhancing curtains in living rooms and as lightweight, effective room dividers. If you're decorating a bedroom, consider pairing Haze with a thicker outer curtain like Rustic, Moon, or Velvet for a beautifully playful atmosphere.

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Embracing the essence of simplicity, we adore the graceful charm of Rustic. These exquisite, timeless curtains, dressed in understated hues, harmonise effortlessly with any interior. Their subtle two-tone weave adds textural depth while preserving a clean and solid-coloured facade when admired from afar.

Rustic is an ideal choice for enhancing privacy in living spaces such as living rooms and kitchen-dining areas. They are equally suitable as captivating room dividers and elegant wardrobe concealers with their elegant, weighty draping.

Pair Rustic with a thinner, light inner curtain like Airy and Haze for a luxurious, timeless hotel ambiance in the bedroom. 

Option: If you desire a darker bedroom, we recommend adding blackout roller blinds or selecting the Moon collection with a similar look but a greater blackout effect.

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Soft, timeless velvet curtains create a subtle, luxurious, elegant, and cozy atmosphere. Velvet curtains have a buttery-soft touch, heavy drape, and a slight sheen that beautifully reflects light and adds depth. Available in a wide range of neutral and carefully selected coloured shades that complement any decor and wall colour.

Use Velvet curtains in lounges and bedrooms for a beautiful, warm, elegant expression. The curtains' heavy drape also makes them suitable as wardrobe curtains. Pair Velvet with a thinner, light inner curtain like Airy and Haze for a luxurious hotel ambiance in the bedroom.

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Airy - nyhed

Let the light in and create a dreamy ambiance with the featherlight Airy curtains that dance in the breeze. With a timeless, simple, and lightweight appearance and a matte, smooth cotton feel, Airy beautifully complements most rooms and decors. Choose your favorite colour among the selection of neutral and carefully selected, timeless coloured tones. The Airy collection softens the light and provides a gentle shield from direct sunlight, heat, and prying eyes, while still allowing plenty of daylight into the room and preserving the view.

In the bedroom, combine Airy with a thicker outer curtain like Rustic, Moon, or Velvet to create a luxurious and timeless hotel-like atmosphere.

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Moon - new collection

Introducing our new Moon collection, a simple and timeless range in beautiful tones. Moon shares the same timeless aesthetics as our popular Rustic quality. However, the Moon collection is thicker and incorporates built-in light-dimming features, perfect for creating a darker and more restful bedroom ambiance. The subtle texture and play of Moon curtains complement any interior decor, offering both depth and a clean, solid-coloured look when seen from a distance. It's worth noting that the darker the colour you choose, the more effective the sound-dimming properties.

Moon is the ideal choice for a more light-dimming bedroom curtain, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. For added luxury and a timeless hotel-like atmosphere in your bedroom, combine Moon with a lighter, sheer inner curtain like Transparent, Airy, or Haze. 

(Please note: Moon curtains are not in the blackout category but rather in the light-dimming category.)

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Shiny Satin

Please note that some colours are currently out of stock, resulting in slightly longer delivery times for Shiny Satin. Shiny Satin adds a subtle, exquisite elegance and an element of surprise to your interior decor. Light beautifully reflects on the shiny shades and the glossy surface, creating a silk-satin look.

Use Shiny Satin curtains in living rooms and bedrooms for a discreetly luxurious and playfully dramatic expression. Also, use Shiny Satin as beautiful, effective wardrobe curtains and room dividers.

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