Steel Mirror Curtains

Silver Steel Mirror Curtains - limited edition

Steel Mirror Curtains

Silver Steel Mirror Curtains - limited edition

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Silver Steel Mirror Curtains - limited edition

The silver curtain 'STEEL MIRROR CURTAINS' creates a bold statement in your decor, adding a striking contrast to its surroundings. The semi-transparent silver curtain unfolds as a sculptural piece in the room, serving as a surprising complement to the soft, long fabric curtains.

Experiment with the length and placement of the 'STEEL MIRROR CURTAINS' to achieve an exploratory, sculptural expression, creating visual interest in the room. Play with unconventional ideas about the role of curtains in a space by installing silver curtain panels away from windows—in front of walls, in doorways, or as room dividers. Play with the height, letting them hover 30cm above the floor for a sharp graphic look. Alternatively, use a short silver curtain above a doorway for a surprising effect.

Limited edition, priced from 8,795 DKK per panel. Contact us for pricing tailored to your project.


Silver laminate textile, thickness 0.25mm

Roll width

140 cm (cannot be sewn together, delivered in separate panels)

Sewing and Technical Details

Steel Mirror Curtains are crafted from a rigid technical fabric (not traditional curtain fabric), resulting in a stiff drape. Therefore, the panels are not sewn together but hang as narrow separate curtain panels (approximately 72cm wide panels) with wave patterns, creating a dynamic and sculptural effect in the decor.

The curtains are sewn by a Danish tailor in Copenhagen, given the highly technical nature of the fabric.


Always try to remove any stains or dirt with a damp microfiber cloth first. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery time is slightly longer for this special quality, approximately 5-8 weeks from the order date. Rails and curtains are delivered separately. The delivery cost is 299 DKK. If you opt for installation, you can add it to your cart for an additional fee during checkout. If you choose installation, the installer will bring the curtains and rail.

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