Lace Curtain Collection - New

LACE CURTAINS Collection - Limited Edition

Lace Curtain Collection - New

LACE CURTAINS Collection - Limited Edition

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LACE CURTAINS Collection - Limited Edition

&Drape presents the ‘LACE CURTAIN COLLECTION’, a meticulously curated limited edition of lace curtains tailored from high-end, Italian deadstock lace textiles. 

With a deep reverence for the illustrious Italian lace textile traditions and inspired by Karen Blixen's own original lace curtains in her esteemed writer's home, Rungstedlund, &Drape has crafted a dreamy, limited edition collection of lace curtains, all tailored from exclusive Italian deadstock lace textiles. 

The ‘LACE CURTAIN’ collection is an extension of &Drape’s dreamy curtain universe, encapsulating &Drape’s profound love for the timelessly modern and poetic simplicity.

Curtain Styling Advice: Elevate the poetic essence of ‘LACE MIRROR CURTAINS’ by using them as a detail in the room and experimenting with the curtains' placements and lengths, giving the lace curtains an artistic, installation-like expression in the space. Place the lace curtains in the window light and play with an extra-long train across the floor, reminiscing Karen Blixen’s own exquisite long lace curtains at Rungstedlund. Or, install black and white lace curtains away from windows but in front of doorways, or as a contrasting playful room divider in the space.

The ‘LACE CURTAIN COLLECTION’ consists of two distinct lace curtains carefully selected and tailored from high-end Italian deadstock lace textiles:

  • LACE CURTAIN 01 with a pattern of clean graphic lines. Available in Deep Black and Shaded White.
  • LACE CURTAIN 02 with an abstract floral pattern. Available in Deep Black and White Snow.

Limited edition Italian deadstock, prices starting at 525 euro per panel. Contact us for ordering, pricing and samples.


100% polyester, Italian deadstock textiles.

Roll width

LACE 01 with graphic line pattern: Approx. 90 cm. 
LACE 02 with floral pattern: Approx. 130 cm

Sewing and Technical Details

LACE CURTAINS are tailored from carefully selected high-end Italian deadstock lace textiles. The panels are not sewn together but hang as narrow separate curtain panels/panels with a somewhat smoother expression - not deep wave waves but smoother for a more organic and lively expression for a more artistic and installation effect in the decor.


Always try to remove any stains/dirt with a damp microfiber cloth first. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Dry clean only.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery time is a bit longer for this special quality, approximately 5-8 weeks from order placement. Track and curtains are delivered separately. Delivery cost is 299 kr. If you wish for installation, it can be added for an additional fee at checkout. If you have opted for installation, the installer will bring the curtains and track.

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